Rehearsal Fun Day with Pavan Nijjar

By: Racquel Lacson | Jan 29, 2020

Caught your attention, didn’t I? Okay, I was just experimenting how to be a little EXTRA with my writing.  I am guessing it worked because here you are curious to know how my experience with Pavan Nijjar all went down. 

For those of you who may not know, included in the Studio 26 Bridal Service is a rehearsal, where my bride and I get to spend a full day together one month before her big day to go over in detail the full makeup and final look(s) for her booking with me. This helps my bride finalize her look beyond her makeup and hair. I encourage my bride from our earliest meetings to visualize a concept of her desired look(s) prior to our rehearsal. My bride will arrive for her rehearsal with her chosen outfits and jewelry to begin a day of transformation to bring to life her overall look as it will be on her wedding day. This allows her to see her full look with her dupatta and jewelry placement and eliminates any uncertainty or last minute outfit drama.

My bride, and if you haven’t noticed, I love saying "MY BRIDE!” Groom... step aside, I get to have her first! LOL. So as I was saying, my bride, Pavan Nijjar didn’t have her reception outfit or her jewelry picked out for our rehearsal. This seriously made our rehearsal difficult because I couldn’t give her a full picture of her look. And to top it off...she also wasn’t sure of what she wanted. That made me worried and nervous. One thing she did tell me though was, "I am not worried about my makeup and hair with you, I am just not sure how I want my finished look to be.”  Boy did I quickly realize what that meant. I finished her makeup and hair for the wedding look with no problem but the next hour was spent trying out different ways to finish the look with her jewelry and how to drape her dupatta. 

Check out the pics below from our rehearsal (Wedding Look):
Jewely Set 1
(tone same as outfit)

Jewely Set 2
(with Long Tikka)

Jewelry Set 2
(wtih Round Tikka)

No Tikka
Sindoor Look

Dupatta Look 1

Dupatta Look 2

Dupatta Look 3
(+Give me some ADVIL now)
Wedding Day Look

Rehearsal Fun Day with Pavan Nijjar

To make things more fun and keep me on my toes, two weeks before her wedding, I got a picture text with a whole new set of jewelry styles that Pavan was eyeing. I advised that the original with green but lighter tone was still better and we both agreed.....YAAAAY! 

Here is the finished and actual look for Pavan’s Wedding showing her final choice of jewelry.

I soon found out that Pavan’s way of making up her mind is to try something she doesn’t like so that she will be positively certain of what she does like. For the Reception Look, Pavan told me that she knew she was very comfortable with open hair and she had seen me do Hollywood waves with my brides in the past. She knew that it was going to look good on her so for our trial, she just wanted to see how an updo would look so she can have that out of her system.

Check out the pics below from our rehearsal (Reception Look):

Hair Look 1

 Hair Look 2

Rehearsal Look  
(Loaner Top)
Actual Day 

Here are some of the gorgeous Wedding and Reception pictures of Pavan & Amrit's from Amrit Photography.

Overall, even though we didn't have a concrete look done at our trial, it was still really helpful for both of us to get Pavan’s look just right for her for the big day. We had an amazing time together from our initial consultation with her mom and sister, our all over the place rehearsal fun day, to the giddy excitement time we shared on her actual wedding and reception.  I feel so honoured and I couldn’t be happier to be part of this beautiful girls’ dream day wedding and reception visual look come true.

I have also included below the couples Next Day Edit that was put together by Emerald Films.
Wedding & Reception Outfit: @wellgroomedinc
Flowers: @didisflowers
Mehendi: @munirasmehndi
Photographer: @amrithphotography
Video: @emeraldfilms_
Home Decor: @finessedecorcompany
Hall Decor: @charmingaffairsdecor
Reception Hall: @ariabanquet
Cake: @amanscakecreations
Wedding Planner: @eventopiaevents
DJ: @decibelvan


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