Mamas Kitchen

Prelude to Mamas Kitchen

Prelude to Mamas Kitchen

I absolutely have no recollection of Ima & Tatang (mom & dad) recipes, just fond memories of their delicious meals they lovingly served. Knowing this, I want to leave an imprint of my cooking and recipes for Dastan to remember.  I want Dastan to be able to give life to my cooking, to be able to share and enjoy my recipes, and recreate the bonding we have had in the kitchen with his family when the time comes.

To my viewers, Bon appetite.... Thank you for inviting me to to cook in your kitchen.  Lets enjoy this time and learn how to cook together.

This v-Blog is my creative outlet to share my personal life experiences, my work knowledge and express my feelings on subjects near and dear to my heart. ~ Racquel Lacson

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