Married Life: Our Humble Beginnings

By: Racquel Lacson | Sep 21, 2019

My husband was working in the city five hours away from his home village so after our wedding we opted to rent a home in Mohali.  It was a cozy one bedroom apartment, very close to 3B2 market.  

We moved in and began our married life together with the bare essentials and furnishings. It was like playing house.  My husband helped me in the kitchen and oh boy, did we make a mess!  He couldn’t boil milk without spilling or boiling over. My rotis were burnt and could have been better used as frisbees to play with instead of eaten.  Our meals were served on a sheet on the floor like we were having a picnic since we didn’t have a dining table.  

Vikas drove an old Maruti that needed a lot of TLC.  The car was so old that he often poured water over the radiator when it would overheat.  There were often times when I would push the car so he could start it. 

Married Life:  Our Humble Beginnings

 I bought a scootie to help me get around in the city.  I loved my pink scootie.  I referred to us as the "Gubali Riders”!  I loved to yell it out loud as we rode along the roads of Mohali and Chandigargh.

In the beginning, my husband clearly had no idea how much I had and it wasn’t important.  He was just starting his career as a lawyer and I wanted to be a supportive wife.  He was just making enough to pay our rent and provide food on our table.  Being he is the man, I didn’t want to step over and I wanted him to feel appreciated for his means.  

It was our humble beginnings that I still cherish to this day.


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