Sikh Wedding - Order of Ceremony

By: Racquel Lacson | Jan 31, 2020

Below is an overview of what to expect at a Sikh Wedding ceremony. The post features footage from Gurjit and Randy’s wedding which took place on Vancouver Island in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo Credits:  Dreamfinity Studios

1) BARAAT (Grooms Parade)

2) MILNI (Families Meet)
Randy along with his family and friends parade to the 
wedding venue, with dancing, dhol music (drumming)
and other traditional instruments.

Gurjeet’s family wait at the venue to greet the Baraat.
When they arrive, family members meet, exchange
garlands and embrace. 

3) CHAI & ROTI (Langar Hall)

4) KIRTAN (Hymns)
Tea and snack will be served in the Langar Hall.  
After everyone’s eaten, guests make their way to the 
Darbal hall.  In here, everyone covers their head.  
Women will sit on the left, and men on the
right after they mathatiek (bow as sign of respect)

The Kirtana Jatha (religious singers) will be singing
shabads (hymns).  The sacred book, the Guru Granth
Sahib will be attended by a Sewadar (volunteer Sikh),
and the Randy and Gurjeet will walk and sit in front of it.

5) ARDAAS (The First Prayer)
6) PALAA (Giving Away the Bride)
Randy and Gurjeet and their close family will
stand for the first prayer, which will be read by the Giani
(officiator).  This seeks the blessings of The Waheguru
for the Randy & Gurjeet marriage.

Gurjeet’s Dad formally hands over the end of
Randy’s sash to her.  At the same time the Shabad
"Palla Tanda Lagee” is sung by the
Kirtana  Jatha.

7) LAVAAN (4 Rounds)
8) ARDAAS (Final Prayer)
The couple circle the Guru Granth Sahib four times,
after the Giani reads four Laavs (verses).  These
represents vows they make to each other.  The five
verses of the Anand Sahib is sung, which express
God’s joy in the union.

There is another Ardass, and this time everyone is asked
to stand and join in.  A vak (verse) is chosen at random
and recited for the benefit of everyone present
at the wedding.

9) SAGAN (Photos & Gifts)
10) KARA PARSHAD  (Blessed Snack)

The parents of Randy & Gurjeet followed by 
family and the congregation, will bless the newly weds
and pass on their gifts.  The bride and groom exchange flower garlands.  This is an opportunity to take
photos with the couple.

Sweet pudding is served.
This is the end of the formal part of the
Sikh Wedding ceremony.  
This will be followed by lunch in the Langar Hall.

Now you have a general idea of what takes place in a Sikh Wedding ceremony, please make sure you check out the video below of Gurjit’s and Randy’s amazing Next Day Edit by Intuno Films.  The video features the rich Indian culture and tradition of the couples week long wedding celebrations, honoured with the presence of their family and friends all over the world.

Wedding Outfit:    @vartanuofficial 

Wedding Jewelry:  @parasfashions

Choora:  Satt Kartar Bangles, India

Clutch:  @_adadesigns_

Reception Outfit:  @unionbridal

Reception Jewelry: @hookumdesignstudio

Mehndi:  @maharani_mehendi

Photographer:  @dreamfinitystudios

Video: @intunofilms

Wedding Planner:  @alwaysandforeverwedding

Tent:  @d_and_htenthouse

Wedding Caterer: @maharajacatering

Home Decor:  @magicalmomentsdecorating

Hall Decor: @universaldecor

Reception Hall:  @dhaliwalbanquethall

Graze Table:  @thegrazecompany

Baker:  @cakeandgiraffe

DJ:  @decibelvan Apogee


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